Japanese efficiency or European innovation, who will win the this battle over the next 5 years?

JB Sourcing from Asia

Zara definitely has the initial edge in this battle with Uniqlo as millennial’s look for fast fashion that is both affordable and available when and were they want it. Uniqlo’s focus on basic product for day to day living works well in Japan and Asia but will it appeal to the more demanding fashion conscious consumers in Europe and the USA who want something different to what everyone els is wearing to create their own style and self image?

With Uniqlo opening a new design and and delivery centre in Japan it will be interesting in the coming 2 years to see the impact this has on their ability to innovate and deliver to the same level as Zara.

Whoever can master the vertical integration of product from concept to store will be the eventual winner if there can be one in this battle, or will the “elephant in the room” Amazon surprise everyone while these 2 giants of the Apparel industry compete at a retail level to win market share while they focus on online and omni sales to build market share?

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