Is this the future of Apparel Retailing?

JB Sourcing from Asia

With all of the focus on the Internet marketplace and speed to market is this a way for brands and retailers to maintain a presence in our ever changing world?

We are starting to see Apparel retailers begin to use 3D production techniques in retail stores to create bespoke products in 3 to 4 hours for customers as a way to create differentiation in their offering. While this could be considered a marketing gimmick it is also not cheap and needs to be seen by consumers as a value add or they will not be willing to pay the additional cost for a “one off” creation.

Having a one off creation made to your specification is appealing if the pricing is reasonable and you can have it immediately as consumers are becoming more demanding and do not want to have to wait for product to arrive once an order is placed.  One of the challenges with this concept will be what happens if the consumer changes their mind and wants to return the product…

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